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When it comes to quality focused and trendy shoes particularly handmade leather shoes either for men or women “footlib” is place to get your pair

The ongoing success and popularity among national and international customers keep the company spirit alive to expand its business further. The company has proudly maintained the perfect mix of style and quality. This is the main reason customers proffered footwear of Footlib because it’s the second name of fashion and quality.

We are specialized in producing excellent varieties in COW & BUFFALO and enjoying 1.5 Million production capacity per month in Square Feet. Khawaja Tanneries is ranked amongst the most modern production units of Pakistan, comparable with any of the modern units in the world. The Tannery is being run by highly qualified technicians with the latest and most advanced technologies (mainly European), which is regarded the world over. Strict quality control is one of the company’s most important principles. Being ISO 9001 ‘certified assures this quality control and certification for ISO 14001. The Tannery is one of the leading finished leather exporting tanneries of Pakistan. The firm has won several export awards consistently and has been a leader since inception in its field.

With the strong export & domestic network the company is dealing with European and domestic customers. The highly satisfied customers’ response to handmade leather shoes helped the Footlib to enhance the business and earn good profit margin. Apart from Pakistani customers, Footlib has maintained the close relations with overseas customers because the satisfaction and choice of customers is first property for Footlib.

In order to bring the new fashion statement, the company is always ready to attend to seasonal changes in demand, carry out new product development in line with customer’s requests and conduct regular market surveys.

Customers from other cities can place their order online. And, the best thing about Footlib is the free shipping nationwide. If you’re looking for the right pair which matches the standard of style and quality, Footlib is wise choice to get your shoes.

Through time, our business has gradually broadened towards the various countries world-wide such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Germany and many other countries around the world. The company places maximum emphasis on product quality, product innovation with the best processing facilities, and run SAP for inventory & management controls. We also have developed quality standardization and remarkable service level to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

In the world of today’s competitive landscape, there is a rising need for reducing cost, enhancing productivity, and improving quality. Our Tannery’s main goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding quality leather, increased flexibility, and greater value, passing through careful material selection to various production stages until the hide is transformed, colored, and softened before becoming the final product. The company will make its full, efforts in researching, innovation, and the ability to anticipate new trends within its companies’ own research laboratories. Though Khawaja Tanneries has already invested heavy amounts in advancing the facility and machinery, we have policy to invest around 0.5 Million – 1 Million USD in advancing machine and setup on yearly basis.

Khawaja Tanneries exemplify the best in technological and innovative excellence in leather production. Incorporated in 1935, and having completed more than 7 decades of successful operations, KTM is a mother unit of the “MAHMOOD GROUP” having a yearly turnover of US $30 Million to $40 Million.